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Backdating scheme

Students (Singapore Citizen only) who wish to apply for 2018 ISB subsidy can submit new application form to the High School Section Reception by Feb 18 for subsidy to take effect from Jan 18.

It includes alimony (maintenance allowance) received by a divorced mother; pension received by a household member who is a pensioner; regular overtime allowance, meal and transport allowance, etc and income from other sources such as rental or investment income.

Please click here for more details on ISB scheme and quantum of school fees subsidy applicable to students who are not under any scholarship.

New ISB application is required for each calendar year.

Please note that the annual award quantum cap of ,400 for all MOE scholarships will apply to all students.

The Edusave or any other MOE Scholarships will cover the school fees of 0 per month and the student needs to pay the balance of the monthly school fees to HCI unless the student is also a recipient of MOE Independent School Bursary (ISB).

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In April 2013, the Government abolished Council Tax Benefit and councils were required to design local Council Tax Reduction schemes with cuts in funding of about 10%.

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