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To most people it sounds like something you would step on rather than listen to.

Then another opportunity opened up where Glenn could play in the Holly Moyer Orchestra in Boulder and earn enough money to attend the University of Colorado.

In fact, Glenn was so excited about this new music that when it came time for his graduation in 1921, he decided to skip his graduation ceremonies and instead traveled to Laramie, Wyoming to play in a band.

Meanwhile, back home, Glenn’s mother had to accept his diploma and the principal commented, “Maybe you’re the one who should get it anyway; you probably worked harder on it than he did!

A businessman in town, John Mosbarger, was also the community band director and wanted Glenn to join older bother Deane in the community band. During his senior year, Glenn decided to try the game of football, and by the end of the season, he was chosen by the Colorado High School Sports Association as “the best left end in Colorado.” Football wasn’t Glenn’s only interest, however, as he had become very interested in a new sound called dance band music.

Glenn enjoyed this music so much that he and some classmates decided to start their own band.

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In 1902, Elmer and Lou Miller purchased the home at 601 S. While homesteading in Tryon, they lived in a sod house.The soothing music of his mother in their sod house and the uplifting songs on the way to school must have given Glenn a greater meaning and appreciation for music.Life in a sod house was replaced by life in town when Elmer moved the family to North Platte, Nebraska.The boy that was born that night was named Alton Glen Miller (later changed to Glenn) and when he uttered his first cry, Clarinda heard Glenn Miller’s first “moonlight serenade.” Glenn’s first serenade was not particularly unique as it had been sung by children for centuries and was barely heard across South 16th Street.However, his second Moonlight Serenade was a composition he wrote while studying music under Dr. Glenn’s second Moonlight Serenade was unique, becoming the theme song of his number one Big Band and heard literally all around the world.

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Shortly after the beginning of the 20th century, in a small rural Southwestern Iowa town, a boy was born to Elmer and Mattie Lou Miller.

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