Dating an adoptee

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They can be updated at any time, however, if the original birth certificate was requested and mailed to an adoptee prior to the State Registrar receiving a birth parent’s request to change their preference from contact to no contact, the birth parent may still be contacted by that adoptee.

The new law permits an authorized applicant to receive a non-certified copy of the original birth certificate that is on file with the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry.

The non-certified copy of the original birth certificate is for informational purposes only and cannot be used for legal proof of identity, citizenship, or as a substitute for an official birth certificate.

The copy of the birth certificate will be clearly marked that it is not a certified copy and cannot be used for legal purposes.

Birth parents will have the opportunity to revise their contact preference at any time.

For the contact preference form to be accepted by the State Registrar, the birth parent must also submit a completed Family History Information form, which includes medical, cultural and social history information pertaining to the birth parent.

Instead, all requests will be mailed out to the requestor.In November 1940, legislation was enacted that required adopted children’s original birth certificates to be sealed. Please note that original birth certificates for any adoptions that occurred prior to November 19, 1940 are available to adult adoptees at any time, upon submission of a suitable application, without a court order. Individuals who may receive a copy of the original birth certificate are: an adult adoptee; a direct descendent, sibling or spouse of the adopted person; an adoptive parent, legal guardian, or other legal representative of the adopted person; or an agency of the State or federal government for official purposes.In accordance with this new law, if a child was adopted on or after November 19, 1940, then his or her original birth certificate was placed in a sealed file and such record could only be accessed pursuant to a court order. The original birth certificate is NOT open for public access.We anticipate being able to mail out the records sometime during the month of January, but the exact turnaround time will depend on the volume of requests received. Birth parents that chose to maintain their privacy by having identifying information redacted were required to submit their request by December 31, 2016.If the redaction request was mailed to OVSR, then it must be postmarked by December 31, 2016 in order for it to be accepted.

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Therefore, it might be several days before additional adoptee applications can be processed and mailed as we need to ensure a careful review of adoptee records and birth parent information.