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Dating other girls while in a relationship

In the early stages of meeting someone, it’s perfectly acceptable – some might even say smart – to continue seeing other people, as long as you’re honest. Assuming your match has been honest with you from the start then they having nothing to answer for.

If they’ve always made it clear they’re seeing other people then the rest of it is down to how comfortable you are with that arrangement.

If you’re ‘dating’ chances are you could be planning to meet up with multiple people.

After all, if you’re only on the verge of going on a first date with one person, you don’t want to be ignoring other offers for someone you’ve never met.

However, if your match drops it into conversation a month in, or you found out through a third party, then it might be time to reconsider whether this is the kind of person you want to be dating.

Sure, they didn’t have to tell you, but honesty is the best policy in these situations.

What are your experiences with dating someone who’s seeing other people?

If you’re happy to just have fun nights out chatting over dinner or dancing until the small hours after one too cocktails, then fine, just keep doing your thing.

Some people want to meet lots of people to ensure they always have a date on a Friday night.

Others are looking for something more serious – maybe even marriage.

But, what if the person you’re seeing is dating other people at the same time?

Maybe you don’t mind, or maybe it makes you wonder if they’re taking things seriously.

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After all, they had nothing to lose by telling you from the off, so either they’re a coward or just a straight up liar.

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