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F dating txt 596

Amongst the earliest surviving manuscripts, the position is reversed.

Codex Mutinensis, Codex Cyprius, Codex Mosquensis I, Campianus, Petropolitanus Purp., Sinopensis, Guelferbytanus A, Guelferbytanus B, Nitriensis, Nanianus, Monacensis, Tischendorfianus IV, Sangallensis (except Mark), Tischendorfianus III, Petropolitanus, Rossanensis, Beratinus, Dionysiou, Vaticanus 2066, Uncial 047, 049, 052, 053, 054, 056, 061, 063, 064, 065, 069 (?The earliest Church Father to witness to a Byzantine text-type in substantial New Testament quotations is John Chrysostom (c.349 — 407); although the fragmentary surviving works of Asterius the Sophist († 341) have also been considered to conform to the Byzantine text, Chrysostom and Asterius used text only in 75% agreed with the standard Byzantine text.The text used by the Greek Orthodox Church is supported by late minuscule manuscripts.It is commonly accepted as standard Byzantine text.

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