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Hiten sexs

AU Inspired LOOSELY by Mulan and Princess Mononoke. Sesshoumaru's little pet, Inuyasha, was supposed to be nothing more than a puppy-slave the demon Lord purchased at a whim.

But with the little puppy growing up, is that all he will remain to the cold prince Sesshoumaru? His parents are not his parents and the pack that he belongs to is not really his pack.

She ironically becomes trapped inside a game, and must now choose a love interest.

In order to win and return home, she has to successfully fill his 'love meter' to the maximum marker. Sess Kag When Cole comes through the door with a bleeding Ryu they learn that someone is bringing demons back from the dead.

When his dads empire went down he was forced to work for the very man that took everything away from.

Now stuck caring for his two sisters Naraku has to endure the daily abuse from his new boss Sesshoumaru, who seems determined to make his life a living hell, while at the same time balancing his love life.

Being the only female she has to mate the alpha but will she be able to do it when she loves another or will she fall for him.

To bad he doesn't know that Sesshoumaru wants to control his love life as well.

Did he mention his superior was a kid he bullied in high school or that his best friend is gay and never told him?

When Bankotsu is taken from the only pack he has ever known and back to the pack he was born into, his whole life is thrown upside down.

This pack is different, with different pack mentalities and to make things worse not only does the soon to be alpha of his new pack want him as a mate but so does the leader of another pack.

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Ryura's the leader of the dragon clan and one of the most powerful demons on the demon side of the human demon war. The aliens don't feel like their planet is home so they go back to earth where they have to go to boarding school where not everyone is human and some don't have good intentions, at first.

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