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Berry Judge, Probate Court, Missouri Honorable Robert C. It does not include those involving preschool students, university or college students, trade school students, or incarcerated juveniles; nor does it include cases involving institutionalized children when the major issues concern quality of treatment rather than education. Cases Involving Students , The catalog does not include cases involving teachers, school board operations, construction contracts, or a host of other topics that do not directly involve students A student (or a parent or guardian) is a plaintiff or defendant in almost all cases listed, although teachers and others are the parties in a few cases where the issue is closely connected to student matters, such as curriculum content* ! We excluded ordinary personal injury cases filed by students (e.g., for injuries incurred during sports).

In a few rare cases, the attorney would not hazard a guess, but believed the case was filed after 4976; a filing date is not given for these cases. The phrase "class action" is placed after the filing date whenever the case was filed as aclass action, whether or not later certified as such.

Cooke Chief Judge, Court of Appeals of New York ilonorable Mercedes F. Haliburton Pales, II White and Case, New York Honorable Roland J. * For further information about the types of cases in the catalog the reader should consult Section 4 (page 5), which gives a narrative description of is'jue categories under which cases may be located in the catalog. DESCRIPTION OF ENTRIES IN THE CATALOG The entries in the catalog provide concise information about the name and procedural history of each case, the issues, and the plaintiffs' attorneys.

Earicy Judge, Municipal Court of Ramsey County, Minnesota Honorable Joe R. Nuernberger Judge, Separate Juvenile Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska 0 Honorable Jay A* Rabinowitz Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Alaska Honorable John T. The attorneys (or in a few cases, the reported decisions) can be consulted for more comprehensive information. The short form is used, giving only the .first party named on each side and only tbs last name of individuals.

When the plaintiff is designated by the full first natae and the initial of the last name, the case is placed alphabetically in the catalog according to the initial of the last name (so it -can be located also by the full last name).

The same rule applies when the plaintiff is designated only by initials of first and last names. Immediately after the case name is the name of the court in which the case was originally filed, almost always a general jurisdiction trial cou^t.

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In carrying out its purpose, the-Natipnal Center'thus acts as a focal point for state judicial reform, serves as a catalyst for setting and implementing standards of fair and y expeditious judicial administration, and finds and disseminates answers to the ^ problems of state judicial systems. Chief Judge, District of Columbia Court of Appeals, President Mr« Lester Earl Cingcade Administrative Director of the Courts, Hawaii, Vice President Honorable B. The fifth section gives additional statistical information: the number of cases filed by students or by schools, the types of attorneys, the maraberof filings by year, and the outcomes of the cases. The cases must have been filed no earlier than January 1977; even cases filed in late December 1976 are not included.

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