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1.8 A local authority can promote a person’s wellbeing in many ways.How this happens will depend on the circumstances, including the person’s needs, goals and wishes, and how these impact on their wellbeing.Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.

Wellbeing covers an intentionally broad range of the aspects of a person’s life and will encompass a wide variety of specific considerations depending on the individual.Local authorities must consider how to meet each person’s specific needs rather than simply considering what service they will fit into.The concept of meeting needs also recognises that modern care and support can be provided in any number of ways, with new models emerging all the time, rather than the previous legislation which focuses primarily on traditional models of residential and domiciliary care.Although the wellbeing principle applies specifically when the local authority performs an activity or task, or makes a decision, in relation to a person, the principle should also be considered by the local authority when it undertakes broader, strategic functions, such as planning, which are not in relation to one individual.As such, wellbeing should be seen as the common theme around which care and support is built at local and national level.

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1.13 The wellbeing principle applies equally to those who do not have eligible needs but come into contact with the system in some other way (for example, via an assessment that does not lead to ongoing care and support) as it does to those who go on to receive care and support, and have an ongoing relationship with the local authority.

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