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Bold letters on their “About” page tout the product as “the most innovative and effective in the world.” Hair smoothers like Brazilian Blowout work by forming a protective protein barrier around the hair that leaves it easier to straighten and lasts for an average of three to four months.

The salon’s workers had suffered symptoms similar to those Arce experienced.

Although it still contains formaldehyde, the company said the U. version will meet California’s air quality standards.

“The only difference stylists will notice,” Brady said in the press release, “is a new sticker on the bottle which proudly reads ‘Made in the USA.’” The company also introduced a new product, Brazilian Blowout ZERO , which is completely formaldehyde free.

The result found that the product’s fumes violated California’s Volatile Organic Compounds limits, which if exceeded can be a danger to human health.

The company issued a press release in November 2012, announcing it was moving production from Brazil to California.

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The agreement dictated that the company could continue to legally sell Brazilian Blowout, but only as long as it warns consumers about the formaldehyde in it.