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She gasped when she saw that the next message contained a racist obscenity: “The n----- is late.”“I was just horrified,” James told Sixth Tone.

Yet she doubted that her colleague would use such a slur, and another friend confirmed that the original Chinese message used a neutral term: , or “black foreigner.”A local English-language media outlet, That’s Shanghai, reported the story and found that the translator gave neutral translations in some instances but used the slur when the phrase in question included a negative term, such as “late” or “lazy.” Sixth Tone’s own testing on Wednesday evening found similar results.

While testing the translation for ‘hei laowai’ on an Apple device, in some cases the phrase is translated as ‘foreigner’ or ‘black foreigner.’ But in other cases — when combined with a negative adjective, for example — the phrase is rendered as the N-word.

In 2016, Twitter users taught an AI account to enthusiastically support Hitler, and a report that examined software used by U. courts claims it picked up the racial bias of institutions whose data it used.

James, who recently played a role in the Chinese blockbuster “Wolf Warrior 2,” found the translation issue disheartening but unsurprising.

“If you’re a black person in China, you’ve come up against some craziness,” she says, explaining that she was often touched and photographed in public without her consent even before her film appearance.

“After receiving users’ feedback, we immediately fixed the problem.”The issue was discovered by Shanghai-based theater director Ann James, who texted her Chinese colleagues in their messaging group this morning to say she was running late.

As usual, the black American typed in English, using We Chat’s in-app translation feature to read the Chinese responses.

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