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Single parent meet online dating promo

Her own father, a property developer, died from a heart attack aged 42, when she was almost two and her mother Isabel, now 75, was pregnant with her younger brother."I always felt I missed out not having my father around, and his loss was a trauma for the family," says Louise."These women are not trying to attack or undermine fatherhood.What they are doing is pro-child, not anti-dad," insists Louise, as if this couldn't possibly be a contradiction in terms.Last year, around 82,000 single British women aged over 30 had babies, almost double the number a year ago, and there are now 3,000 members worldwide of the group Single Mothers By Choice.Around 100 lesbians in Britain a year have a baby through donor insemination or IVF.

"But like other women I wanted that experience of being pregnant, of giving birth, of having my own child.Family groups and church leaders have expressed deep concern about the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill - debated in the House of Lords last week - which would make it easier for lesbian couples to have fertility treatment.Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith described the Bill as "the last nail in the coffin for traditional family life" and another blow for fatherhood.But Louise now seems to be doing her best to distance herself from the more controversial aspects of it."One of the first things I say in the book is that if you have any doubts at all about having a baby then don't go ahead.

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Who needs them when educated single women can go shopping for a sperm donor, comparing their profiles online?