Spititual dating

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But it doesn't have to be that way--with "The Spiritual Girl's Guide to Dating," you can master the Art of Spiritual Dating--and attract your true soul mate.

In this one-of-a-kind Spiritual Dater's Toolkit, acclaimed healer and intuitive Amy Leigh lays out her spiritual yet sensible strategies for finding and keeping the love of your life, including how to: Empower Your Heart Live the Natural Law Separate Karmic Attraction from True Connection Identify the Four Men to Avoid Harness Your Own Sexual Energy Know Your Soulmates: Twin Flames and Divine Complements With Leigh's perceptive and prescriptive advice, you'll find yourself on the soulful journey of a lifetime--to lasting love!

I loved part two in particular: Define Your Intention, and the part six about Lovingkindness and taking responsibility for our choices.

Ready your being and get your emotional and mental house in order because you are wonderful!

""Brainstorm all the ways you would like a partner to treat you: flowers, bubble baths, supportive words, nature walks, whatever makes you feel loved and treasured.

Now start doing all these things for yourself.""Currents of energy or vital life force flow all around us all the time. When we share time with someone, we exchange energy proportionate to how much we bond and how open we are. How much and whether it is enhancing or detrimental can vary.

These are people to be aware of; modulate the amount of time you spend with them.

If you are considering dating someone who makes you feel this way, think twice.

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But as much as we talk about it, we always just circle around the same ideas--many of which have become cliche.