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Templatefield not updating

I have a MVC Grid as declared below what I want to do is instead of using the popup editor I want to edit and create rows in a custom template.The 'Grid Field Definitions_Edit Click' function pops up a dialog and inserts my custom template 'template Field' into it. If they are not meant to then I propose to use the Template Save button 'update Grid Field' on Click method to reflect the cahnges to the grid - is this possible? Basically I use the grid for displaying data and row sorting only.For that you have to check for the List Item Type for any specific Item and add specific controls accordingly.Then during the creation of the object of the class you have to pass the respective List Item Type as an parameter to the class constructor as described in the below example. Header Template = new Create Item Template(List Item Type. Item Template = new Create Item Template(List Item Type. Footer Template = new Create Item Template(List Item Type. Add(Db Item item) Hi Mike, That is the expected behavior. Add(Db Item item) Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub: #80 I want to create an item based on the standard Template Field template in Sitecore because I have an On Save event that manipulates the Template Field to set a title and to make sure the field matches a naming convention.– Set the Item Template property of the Template Field to the newly created object. – In this example I have created only a Item Template inside a Template Field.

Run(String pipeline Name, Pipeline Args args, String pipeline Domain, Boolean fail If Not Exists) at Sitecore.

Step 1: – Create a Class which should be inherited from the ITemplate interface.

– Put this class in the same namespace of your project.

Basically any edits I make to the template I want reflected in the grid then I'll do my own custom batch Save to save all changes I did in the grid. On the form I also have a dialog with a partial View displaying the row template I require.

I'm having some problems reflecting the template changes into the grid. Should these changes not be refelected automatically from my template? On each row I have a custom Edit command which calls javascript to do the following: Update the dialog based on the editing row data.

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Invalid Operation Exception : Unable to create the item based on the template ''.