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The non dating life

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During this time Leaf also collaborated with Michael Darwin in a series of hypothermia experiments in which dogs were resuscitated with no measurable neurological deficit after hours in deep hypothermia, just a few degrees above zero Celsius.The blood substitute which was developed for these experiments became the basis for the washout solution used at Alcor.Together, Leaf and Darwin developed a standby-transport model for human cryonics cases with the goal of intervening immediately after cardiac arrest and minimizing ischemic injury.Unfortunately for her, she was busted by her manager the next morning and promptly fired.(Bloom, ever the gentleman, tracked down Ross’s number and called to formally apologize.

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Alcor made radical changes to its medications to conform with results of resuscitation research, and purchased the prototype of an intermediate temperature storage device that promises to reduce or eliminate the risk of fracturing in cryopatients.

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